Kung Fu Grippe

Given the din of enthusiastic bloggers who have switched from being experts on cheese sandwiches and kitty cats to full-on public policy wonks, you'd have to infer that there's a whole lot of ravenous web surfers changing sides one way or another and back everyday. You know, from the persuasive arguments, and the links, and all. But I don't think it's happening...
For myself, my short-term, war-time MRE will be a nice big helping of "shut the fuck up" while I seek some less noisy--and less arrogant--voices on an incredibly complicated matter. The choir on both sides is pretty well preached out at this point--now, how about climbing off the comfort of the soapbox for a couple days and talking about some ways of understanding each other's position better?

Merlin Mann

Hopefully that is what we’re doing.