Salam Pax on Media

Salam Pax in Tekka.

...The media do this to a large degree, and the media will backfire too. "The Global Village" ...what stupid words. There is an implication of equality in this idea of "Village" but there is no equality. None. ...Media is an American tool now. The Americans think that they are the only people making television shows and music and news. But more and more people are learning how to use these tools. Then suddenly these people use your tools against you. We are now learning how to get what we want to say on your TVs. If Iraq is not on the TV we are out of the American consciousness. Consider Afghanistan: if it's not on the TV, then let it rot. Osama bin Laden is an expert at this. He drops every now and then just a little note, just a few phrases, to al-Jazeera or whoever. Just to let you know he's still there. Like a monster under your bed. He's there forever. The issue here is not whether the tapes -- or even bin Laden -- are real. It's about the terror that is generated by manipulating the media -- just as the Americans have done.

Don’t like Tekka’s model, a standard subscription that I found too expensive. I would’ve definately paid a buck to read this article, though.