_Measure Map Goes to Google. Adaptive Path has sold Measure Map, the unique analytics service designed for bloggers, to Google.

This acquisition is the culmination of Adaptive Path’s first initiative to develop products in-house. We set out to provide bloggers with a powerful, simple way to understand participation on their blogs. Our users and the media have praised Measure Map as an innovative approach to analytics; this acquisition by Google reaffirms our belief in the product and those involved.

Jeffrey Veen, an Adaptive Path founder and Product Director for Measure Map, will make the journey to Google along with several other members of the development team. Jeff will retain ties with Adaptive Path as a friend and colleague.

We wish Jeff the best and could not be happier for him and the others who will be headed to Google. For more information about Measure Map and Google’s acquisition, please read Jeff’s blog post on the Google website._

It’s getting worse. Now all you need is vaporware to achieve the geek wet dream of Google acquisition.

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