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Now that I think about it, there must have been a jungle, a mountain range of externalities, currently obscured and invisible to me, that involved this object. That growing and fermenting of grapes… topsoil loss, tractor exhaust, chemical fertilizer, insecticide sprays, the fuels involved in heating and distilling all that liquid… I’m not supposed to worry my pretty head about any of that, but you know something? I know that I am paying for it somehow. Those phenomena do impinge on me; legal, social, ethical, environmental, all of them. They’re not pretty, and neither am I. They should inform my decision about whether I buy that bottle and integrate its contents into my body.

(all via 4 pages of Shaping Things. you can tell i ate lunch solo for the first time in a long time, because i once again was able to return to this always-carried-in-my-work-bookbag* tome after a long absence.)

*loved the excuse to use this word