Quote of the Day

A very lovely witch, a woman who taught me a great deal, assured me that Yoda had it all wrong. It isn’t a matter of “Do or do not; there is no try.” “Try” is, in fact, all there is. We are defined not by our successes, but by our endeavors. Success is the reward for some endeavors - it’s the carrot that’s held before us. We think our goal is to get the carrot, but in striving for the carrot, we’re actually moving the cart, man.

oakthorne, in comment to someone else’s locked post.

oh and hell, here’s what i said:

what he said.

also, in my most grandmotherly welsh voice (i don’t even know what a welsh grandmother sounds like to begin with, mind you): Well, I think your writing is just marvelous, dear.

i mean, it’s why i know you….because it was good enough for me to be like, “what the fuck is this?!!” and keep reading having NO clue what was going on – i mean how it was all presentened not the writing of each bit (sorry) piece (?). and then keep reading and keep reading and, well shit, i don’t even remember how we first got in touch but then there we were meeting IRL. crazy crazy crazy.

self publish. web. vainity press. i know, i know, you’re a snob and all. you want a proper book in proper hardback with a proper publisher’s name on the spine. with proper unattended book signings and miserable royalties that make you feel like a failure even though there’s like 20 blogs devoted to your book.

or like i said, you could put it out there in the world anyway, sans old- skool media’s false shite, and enjoy the 20 blogs devoted to your work anyway…with less stress…

i talk big even though i’ve died this death of which you speak a thousand times. and maybe it’s only because, hell, i’d be happy just to have someone to share some time with, let alone a life or procreative goodness… maslow’s little pyramid and all. i am a cog, and although i grind through every day, i enjoy what i can, even if that’s a ping and a cigarette and some guitars on the porch down the way…

…a pint. a pint and a cigarette. although pings are good too.

oh, and the original post is public now.