Really, We Don’t Want to Join Your Social Network

I keep hearing horror stories of brands insisting on launching their own social networks. The short version of this post: don’t do it. We really don’t care. Really. We. Don’t. Care. We are not going to hang out on your site and reload the page every minute or so just to see if anything has happened. We are not going to grant you access to every jot & tittle of our digital friendships. We are not going to gangbang content for you. You are just not that central to our lives. Really. I’m telling you this because I care.

Mostly I care about you wasting my time and trying to reinvent what already exists on the Web without reusing it in some savvy way. The wonder of the Web is that it all works together. I know the bumfuzzle around Facebook has confused you about this point, but I swear it’s the case. Instead, what would be much better, what would save you money and me time, is for you to be like the Web.