Textism: Oh, look, another web app

So I spent the last few days knocking this together. It works on three principles: first, that anyone who wants to can have their vote counted; second, that things people find interesting are more important than people who find things interesting; and third, that by any means necessary, web-strategy, social-media, online-marketing webcocks โ€“ unaware as they are of how toxic their presence is in the arenas they cannot shut up about โ€“ must and shall be filtered out of view.

Thereโ€™s some fancy albeit inchoate weighting logic going on under the surface, and Iโ€™ve got a few vaguely neato features in the works, though it is as they say very beta. It will I hope grow, and, as more people are added to the voting ranks, be a reliable source for funny, weird, obnoxious, entertaining, inspiring, webcock-less, tiny little fragments of life.