Daniel Miller

When Applying...

I have been combing over a lot of job applicants lately, and here is some advice for job seekers out there…

  1. The person reviewing your resume has a very short amount of time to initially evaluate you, therefore:
    1. Make sure your resume is short
    2. Make sure your resume is in PDF format. Not everyone has Word or is in the mood to import your resume into their word processor of choice. Even if they are, it will not look the same as in your word processor of choice.
    3. Make sure you have working links in your PDF. Said person does not have time to copy paste URLs and email addresses out of said PDF.
  2. Complete all the requirements of the job application process. If you think the hoops as laid out are too many, then don’t apply for the job.
  3. If you are applying for a web development position, have a working website. If the domain you put on your resume doesn’t resolve or goes to a GoDaddy holding page, go work on that problem first before bothering to apply to any jobs.
  4. Do not reach out to the person doing the hiring outside of the application process.
  5. If the person doing the hiring reaches out to you, do reply quickly and professionally.

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