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A Few Things From Around the 'Net

Two cyclists were taken from us in the last month: Michele Scarponi and Steve Tilford. Both were men of grace. Seth Davidson’s eulogy (delivered April 23rd at the Celebration of Steve Tilford’s Life in Lawrence, Kansas) is well worth the read.

Steve said: I don’t regret not bringing a time trial bike to the race. For one, I don’t have a time trial bike.

Steve said: But, if you’re a cyclist from Kansas and you don’t embrace the wind, your life isn’t going to be very enjoyable.

Steve said: I have always appreciated/loved most every aspect of the sport of bicycling racing. I think that racing bicycles full time is the equivalent of having a dog’s life. If there is an after life, I want to come back as a dog.

Steve said: Time to put in some base miles. I’m not sure what that is really.

Steve said: My favorite clothing are things that I’ve worn until it is nearly threadless. So, don’t be anal about your stuff. There is too much fun to be had using it.

As is Seth’s blog (this is simply from his most recent post, not about Steve Tilford).

Then I heard through Facebook that he was done with cycling. Not “fuck it I’m done” but something far more final: He saw that there’s more to life, this brief arrangement of atoms, than shoving your nose against the stem and riding in the gutter every weekend with the taste of puke in your mouth. There’s more to life than being exhausted by noon every holiday and coming home to collapse in a wet puddle of leg migraines. #

More cycling. This amazingly well crafted video about Connie Carpenter and Boulder (one of my favorite cities in the world).

This School of Life video about feeling depressed.

This excerpt from a longer video, about what ego can do to the design process.

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