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Man, 43...

Man, 43, Stops Taking Everything Personally

A Texas man stopped taking everything personally this year. Whereas in years previous, he would take offense at the slightest perceived aggression, even constructing wrongdoings where none was intended, he is now carrying on with his life in full recognition of the fact that nothing of the sort happened. Without such a lingering collection of resentments, this man is free to have other thoughts besides anger, revenge, self-pity and self-loathing. “I didn’t know I had so many mental cycles available to me,” he said to no-one in particular, but within earshot of our reporter.

Texas Man Discovers the Power of the Written Word, Decades After Learning How to Read

A professional gentleman in North Texas recently discovered that regular reading expands his intellectual and thought life, as well as improves his own writing. He has read at least one book and numerous articles every month, sometimes a number of books simultaneously. He discovered that reading takes time, and can be a valuable activity one chooses to do with one’s time.

Person of Unknown Origin Stops Worrying About the Future

A person of many travels and experiences finally realized this year that worrying about the future does not change his, and that life’s outcomes are largely determined by either fate or a higher power, as long as he continues trudging the path laid out before him and doesn’t simply stop to fantasize about future delights or dwell on anxieties about future calamities.

Discoveries Made About the Interconnectedness of All Things

It was recently felt by a man of learning, who long held that individuals and societies were complex systems of interworking elements, that his own being was, in fact, the same; and that keeping a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health in his daily life could lead to greater fulfillment and happiness.

Search for Perfection Abandoned

A Dallas man recently ceased his futile attempts at perfection, finally beaten by the wealth of data suggesting it had remained a consistently distant constellation his entire life. Simultaneous realizations that other humans were equally imperfect, and of the value therein, were also had.

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