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One of my favorite musicians, Chuck Prophet, interviews a legendary artist, Loudon Wainwright, at the Litquake festival. Loudon’s book is now on my to read list.

DHH on the Ruby Rogues podcast.

David Answers a number of questions form the panel about the front-end on Rails, Turbo Link, Stimulus, How does this differ, cheaper labor, better hardware, and much more.

Helps if you’re a software developer for this one.

Confronting Your Fears and Taking a Leap with Pieter Levels of Nomad List on the Indie Hackers podcast.

Starting an online business is scary. You’re putting yourself out there and risking failure in front of thousands or even millions of people. Learn how Pieter Levels has not only faced his fears, but used them as motivation while building an empire of profitable businesses that cater to digital nomads.

149 words