Daniel Miller

Local Music, Bicycling and Facebook: My Three Favorite Subjects

I’ve featured tunes from this record already on this blog, but my friend and producer Salim Nourallah’s new record is out. I recommend playing the last tune first, Tucumcari (Band Version).

I got a quick ride in this morning before the rain started. At one point we had stopped and started rolling again and I had that sense of how amazing riding a bike is; like when I was a kid; and that I don’t do it enough. I was curious how much I’ve ridden on average the last few years. It’s pretty abysmal. 1.6 ave rides per week; 0.9 hours per ride. I wish I could ride more; I need to ride more.

Facebook got hacked in a major way, including access to any sites you logged into via Facebook.

On Friday, Facebook revealed that it had suffered a security breach that impacted at least 50 million of its users, and possibly as many as 90 million. What it failed to mention initially, but revealed in a followup call Friday afternoon, is that the flaw affects more than just Facebook. If your account was impacted it means that a hacker could have accessed any account that you log into using Facebook.

The debacle also underscores broader concerns about Single Sign-On, which Friday turned into the ultimate object lesson in the inherent tradeoffs between security and convenience.

As if everything else wrong with Facebook wasn’t enough.

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