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I do love a (so far) temperate summer. Alas, my 8-day streak will come to an end tomorrow as I have an early start at work (unless I manage to get a quick spin in after work). The legs have somewhat returned, as long as I keep it under 35 miles or so. With more time I could definitely inch my way back up to where I could do another century. Not going to happen, but good to know.


Only in the low 70’s when I departed at 7:30 this morning. Rode with my friend, mentor and business partner Stewart for most of the ride but after he peeled off to head home I realized I could get over thirty miles if I added another little loop to my ride, so I did. The legs felt good, yesterday’s ride was so short that they were able to recover from the six days prior.

I’m a little bummed this streak is (probably) going to end tomorrow. Eight days of riding in a row is indeed extremely rare these days. It’s been phenomenal for my mental health and energy. It’s obvious that I need to work on rearranging my life to accommodate for these rides.

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