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Doug Burr

Last month we went to a Doug Burr show at a packed Small Brewpub. It was such a convergence and on such a night. Storms in the sky, the room open to the outside. Thunder boomed and lightning struck close by as Doug opened with Chief of Police in Chicago.

Doug has long represented everything that is great about North Texas. Connected to his roots but making music for now. Telling dark stories, dusty stories. I’ve known of his music since soon after I arrived here and he’s been a constant. Never breaking it big but always revered amongst his peers here in Dallas and his own Denton.

And of course, he was there at Margot’s memorial service. As was Benj, who owns Small. It was the first time I’d spoken with Benj since he sang on Form.

Music is such an important root through life, and probably the best thing that Dallas has brought me. The music here runs deep and tonight I’m listening to Doug, The Beaten Sea, Fox and the Bird, John Lefler. And other non-Dallas people I’ve met, Duke Special and Vigilantes of Love. And music that just takes me somewhere. The Badlees for Pennsylvania, Catherine Wheel for Arizona, Ours for Florida, Chuck Prophet for Virginia.

I’ve lived in Dallas since my late 20’s. I’m in my 40’s now. That’s a lot of great music.

[Originally journalled on June 17th.]

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