Ask Molly: The Middle Ages

I’m posted from this newsletter before, but it continues to be just so good, and occasionally very poignant.

Hope comes from letting it all in: the fear, the rage, the exhaustion, the manic excitement, the disappointment. Hope is having mercy on yourself and others. Hope is letting go of your comfortable resting places — your go-to insults, your escapist fantasies, your defensive narratives – and prying open your mind to the possibility that you are often wrong. You are wrong about most things and most people. You should trust your instincts, of course, but you should question your running narratives. Honor your feelings, question your circling thoughts.

That’s what I’m living in, at the moment: The suspicion that I might sometimes be wise about the big picture but confused about the small things, every single day. I often get tangled up in my safe stories, instead of letting the world in.

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