My First Podcast

People Writing 200 Words a Day: Daniel Miller

I was asked to talk about my experience using and the conversation itself was a fun experience. No edit on the above, that’s just the entire call, beginning to end.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous, didn’t know what to expect, and didn’t know what I sounded like afterward. After it was published I tried to listen to it but at first, couldn’t stand the sound of my voice for more than 10 seconds. On a second try, I was able to listen to the entire thing (like I do any podcast, in chunks during my daily commute) and was pleased to discover that I don’t sound like an idiot! Being asked to articulate my thoughts about certain interesting subjects out loud was a really good exercise, and listening to myself answer those questions afterward was also a good exercise. It was also fun to be asked questions about what is now the distant past, both in terms of my own life and in terms of the life of the world wide web.

Overall: ++ would recommend being on a podcast. Next time I’ll get a real microphone and hopefully, my son won’t be yelling in the background.

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