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I’m normally not a fan of Halloween, but…

Milo is really into bigfoot. He constantly asks the rest of us if we believe bigfoot is real and then explains to us why bigfoot is real. Thus, he wanted to be bigfoot for Halloween. The night after I heard about that I suggested I go as bigfoot as well so we could be father and son bigfoot. So I did a little online shopping here and there and settled on a costume off Amazon. It arrived and thankfully fit. I surprised the kids with it the day it arrived. Milo pointed at me and said “I know it’s daddy! I know it’s daddy!” Later he would explain that he knew it wasn’t bigfoot because bigfoot wouldn’t just be in our house, he’d have to come in the front door. I should have come through the front door.

Last night we started the festivities early. The entire street was outside. There were some really good costumes! Most of the kids Milo’s age and older loved mine. Some of the little kids did not. I think there were some tears, but most of their fears were assuaged with an enthusiastic “Give me a bigfoot high five!”

Once trick or treating started, though, everyone got into the spirit. I got a lot of waves from passing cars. Later, after Milo was tired, Lucy and I went to the “good” street in the neighborhood, which was packed with people and on which almost every house had some kind of decoration and where most of the residents were giving out candy (as opposed to the slim majority on our street). It was dark by then and I think the costume played better with less light. I did my best bigfoot walk. I got tons of high-fives from kids and teenagers, and some fist bumps from other dads. I saw a couple of other guys in gorilla costumes and greeted them with, “Hey, cousin!” Lucy and I returned home exhausted, and her bag was heavy with candy. She immediately set out sorting it. Today she informed me that she received 81 pieces of candy and that she was going to eat two pieces a day. That’s my girl.

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