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From the (always entertaining and educational) Postlight podcast, Track Changes

Going Codeless: Is this the way of the future?

PF I have a maxim. Nobody believes me when I say it: every bug’s a gift. Like when they complain, that’s a gift…because you literally are learning what they want. You have to stop seeing the software as a reflection of yourself, or of your business or whatever.

RZ Yeah, yeah.

PF And they might not love the heroic narrative that you’ve put forth where you shipped it and good for you.

RZ Let’s replace ‘bug’. Let’s make that a goal of Postlight’s. Let’s call ‘em—

PF Opportunities.

RZ No, no, that’s too much [Paul laughs]. Wrinkles.

PF Wrinkles. Ironing out the wrinkles. No, you and I are getting old and that’s not good.

RZ What’s like a charming—that’s charming and eccentric, what’s that word? That trait?

PF Quirk.

RZ Quirks!

PF That’s right. It’s not a bug, it’s a quirk!

RZ We only call ‘em quirks from now on.

PF And we’re gonna stamp it down with a boot of good coding practice.

RZ No boots.

PF That’s the problem is that you have to kill the quirks.

RZ You do have to—

PF You have to enhance the quirks, adjust the quirks.

RZ Adjust the quirks!

PF We’re gonna adjust the quirks! We’re not—

RZ That’s the most woke software terminology.

PF We’re not gonna fix bugs anymore, we’re gonna adjust quirks! And we’re not—you know, Jira is gonna just become a quirk adjustment tool. [Rich laughs] That is our plan, my friends.

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