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Postlight on Jira

RZ: You don’t wanna discourage–like people feeling really productive around a new thing, you don’t wanna be like, “What are you doin’ with one more tool?” Jira showed up on the scene about 60 days ago here. 60-90 days ago. We had kinda been shunning it for–

PF: Oh we were saying, “We don’t even bother. We don’t need Jira.”

RZ: We got a lot of tools.

PF: We got Github issues.

RZ: Jira showed up and it showed up hard.

PF: Yeah it really did. Everybody suddenly became Enterprise one day…the thing I love about Jira too–it’s been more than 90 days, I think it’s been more like five or six months–I can’t log in. I have access. I cannot, no matter what I do. I’m incapable of logging into Jira. It’s not for lack of will. I would like to be in there looking at tickets, the–Jira will not allow me to have access to Jira. We have tried three of four things and people send me invites all the time, like, you know, “I’d like you to look at this Jira board.” No chance. And you know what? I’m gonna just be real clear here, with a product like Jira, that’s a day. And I just don’t have that day right now. I can’t allow everything else in my brain to get put aside in order to enter the Jira hole. Because I don’t know when I’ll crawl I’ll back out.

The Private Network: Paul and Rich on Intranets

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