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Lowland Hum

I can’t remember how I was introduced to Lowland Hum, but I do know it was several months ago, and I wasn’t immediately captured by their work.

Recently I have been in need of softer, soothing music, and I thought of them. I remembered listening to the Innocence Mission all night back in the day. I realized Lowland Hum might be able to serve the same means today–that is, providing a lullaby for a troubled mind, bunked below decks among stormy seas.

And so I am currently obsessed with some particular songs, this being the primary of them:

I’m also a fan of the video for the song.

So far I’m primarily captivated with this record, 2017’s Thin, but I’m sure I will slowly explore the rest of their catalog. I hope they continue to create sublime music like this.

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