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Weekend in Portland, Part 3

I asked Dillen what other bike-related sights I should see and he recommended Golden Pliers, so I went there next.

I mostly window-shopped, although I had a cortado while I was there, and bought some postcards and stickers.

Aside: at this point I had had a large americano at Case Study, two cups of Ethiopian yrgichaffe at Pine State, a Turkish coffee at Nicholas, a cup of coffee at Breadwinner, and now a cortado at Golden Pliers. My nervous system put me on high alert.

That night I’d been invited to my coworker’s house in Beaverton for game night. We played Power Grid and it was a fun four hours. I’d never played a single tabletop game for four hours before. At some point during our constant conversation, my childhood love for the game Go For It! came up (although it took me a ton of googling to find it). I described it as my childhood consumerist training, similar to the role that Instagram plays in the lives of our youth in the present day.

Go For It! unapologetically celebrates the acquisition of status symbols. The winner of the game is the first player to acquire the requisite number of expensive consumer items, each represented by a card with an illustration of the item and a prominent price tag.

Sunday flew by, as I spent most of it with my friend in Vancouver, WA, with a quick trip back into Portland for a late lunch at Ranch Pizza. That night I laid low in Alberta…

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