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Weekend in Portland Part 4

Monday I had a lunch scheduled with my professional mentor, a former CTO of a public company and a current CEO of a startup in Portland. That morning I packed up my stuff, including gifts from my coworker, my friend and a pile of swag I bought at Breadwinner, and left the Airbnb. After lunch, we visited his office in a very cool building downtown. Then I had some time to kill.

Another coworker of mine has family at Speedvagen, and so at the last minute, I texted him to see if I could get an early afternoon tour, before my flight later in the afternoon. He said sure! So off to another handmade bike builder’s shop I went…

While I was talking to Richard I mentioned my interaction with Dillen and Richard informed me that Dillen was not, in fact, Irish, and didn’t always have an Irish accent. (Extremely short version…) …he’d suffered brain trauma, after which he developed the accent. I was intrigued! He told me the entire story was part of a podcast episode. This podcast episode. You should listen to it. It’s pretty amazing.

I went straight from Speedvagen to the airport and enjoyed a quiet flight back home.


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