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Now that they can’t make any money on the music they record thanks to music streaming services, and mostly make their living by performing live, musicians are one of the groups hit particularly hard by this situation we find ourselves in.

To help, Bandcamp.com is giving all the proceeds from sales to artists, today only. Bandcamp normally gives an industry-unheard-of 80% to artists, but today your purchase will help just a little bit more.

Here is what I’m picking up today:

Vanessa Peters’ forthcoming covers record. It’s not true but I’ll go ahead and believe I inspired her by asking her to sing on my covers record.

By the way, Vanessa has been in Italy for this whole thing, so she’s been on lockdown for a while now.

Benj Pocta also has new music out. Again not true, but I’m choosing to believe I inspired him to go in a more electronic direction when I also asked him to sing on my covers record.

After taking a short break to focus on family and carpentry, Denison Witmer has been working on music again lately. There is a new forthcoming record, his first in years. And this collection of daily sketches from the month of January. If anyone can get us through a time such as this, it’s Denison Witmer.

Big Giant Circles, whose music you know from playing the game Threes on your iPhone, and you might not know is a Dallas resident, has made all of his music pay-what-you-want. I own most of his catalog already, but picked up the above soundtrack.

At this point in the day, the Bandcamp site is really struggling, so I’m just going to leave you with a couple more recommendations:

My music has always been pay-what-you-want, except for a couple of covers for which I must pay royalties.

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