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From around the web the last couple of weeks

Peter Attia podcast #100 – Sam Harris, Ph.D.: COVID-19 – Comprehending the crisis and managing our emotions

In this episode, Sam Harris, neuroscientist, author, and host of the Making Sense Podcast, joins Peter to discuss this unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The discussion includes the important distinction between COVID-19 and influenza, the impact on the economy, the dire situation in New York, and the challenge of creating a safe and effective vaccine. Additionally, Sam brings insights from his extensive meditation practice to help those struggling with stress, anxiety, and fear in this extraordinary situation.

Soccer Mommy’s 2020 record has beautiful melodies and guitars, and the occasional head-nodding groove, with song titles such as circle the drain, royal screw up, and crawling in my skin.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day: Alain De Botton on embracing vulnerability in the age of Coronavirus

…the renowned philosopher Alain de Botton, [talks] about how to be human and how to stay (relatively) sane in the grip of a global pandemic. We talk about the fact that, right now, it’s rational to be a little demented and how we should all take lessons from our childhood and be less ashamed of bursting into tears when we really need to. He tells me about the merits of stoicism, the comfort that comes from admitting the situation we’re in without sentimentalisation and what it means to find consolation in these unprecedented times.

Along the way, de Botton tackles how to deal with grief and dismantles the idea of any hierarchy of suffering–insisting that how we feel is a fact that must be taken seriously, even if there are people worse off than us.

The Best of the Spring Classics. (Since we don’t actually get to enjoy any classic bike races…something I haven’t complained about publically yet but I do miss dearly.)

1980 Liège-Bastogne-Liège

In bad weather, they say that most riders are beaten before the race begins. So it proved in the 1980 edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège, which was affected by an abysmal snow storm from start to finish. After an hour of racing, half the field had dropped out. After two hours, just sixty were still on their bikes.

While most riders, wearing inadequate woollen gloves and jerseys, were simply surviving, Bernard Hinault was attacking, distancing the others with 80km left. In temperatures close to freezing, the Badger pressed on and eventually crossed the line with a staggering 10-minute gap. Of the 174 riders who set off from Liège that morning, only twenty would finish. To this day, Hinault has limited feeling in the tips of his fingers, battle scars from a day that helped forge his legend.

It’s that time of year where my attention returns to Minecraft, and I was happy to randomly discover one of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers, paulsoaresjr, has been back at it with Minecraft series, notably a hardcore survival series. Paul doesn’t take Minecraft too seriously and can get a bit silly, which is the appropriate way to play Minecraft.

Also on YouTube: Irish People Try Krispy Kreme Donuts For The First Time.

Post-Apocalypse, by Evgeny Dvoretckiy