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My first tweet was on December 30th, 2006:


I tweeted 17,113 times between then and November 3rd, 2014. That is almost 6 tweets a day. I didn’t delete my Twitter account until the spring of 2016, I thought, but November 2014 must have been my last backup. My last tweet from that collection:

Tom Conlon in #lakewood #dallas

…with an Instagram link to what must have been my old Instagram account. It’s also gone.

I’m back on Twitter, and Instagram and Facebook, but I’m not really participating. There were some people and groups I wanted to connect with, particularly during this pandemic, so I came back to where they were. There might be some interesting stuff on Twitter, and in that personal Twitter backup file, but the signal-to-noise–even in my own content–is too low to make sifting through any of it worth my time.

Another reason to participate on Twitter is for the sake of one’s personal brand. I don’t have one, and I think I’m ok with that. In fact, not being on social networks is part of my personal brand…

The final reason would be to have actual meaningful interactions, but as far as I can tell the time and effort required to nurture those on the platform and keep the noise and intellectual terrorists out is not worth it.

Reference: Where Do You Get Information When Twitter Is Gone? // Where Do You Go When Facebook Is Gone?

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