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Until last weekend, I hadn’t written a song in about ten years. Then Lucy broke out the Danelectro again and I picked it up just to noodle on it. Then noodling turned into a little phrase. Then that phrase turned into a verse progression, and then a chorus progression was discovered.

Then Lucy began to sing over the progressions. Then she wrote down the words she was singing.

You are the sun
I am a flower
We are sunflowers…

Simple but meaningful. Visual. There’s a spot where she sings, “Oh-e-oh” and it’s a moment of pure pop sensibility.

The next day another song came to us. After a decade of nothing, thanks to a collaboration with my eight-year-old daughter, we have written two songs in two days. Well, they still need a lot of work, but they have really strong bones.

That night she lay in her bed writing more lyrics for the song.

I told a friend, who happens to be a professional bass guitar player, about our plans for a family band and he brought over a bass for us to borrow.

Penn used some of his money to buy a melodica.

This old picture I stumbled across tonight makes me need to figure out where I can set up my acoustic drums again:

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