A Friday

Just another day of isolated, subtle human interaction

I emerge from my “office”

…which is a desk in the corner of the bedroom. I observe that my family is back from their kayaking trip, had picked up Chic-fil-a for lunch, and have consumed it. It’s about one o’clock. I had just finished the Cliff Bar I had grabbed for breakfast at 8am.

Lucy asks, “Want to play a game?”

I reply, “Sure.”

We play a game of Sleeping Queens.

She asks to play another game. I say I have to go back to work. I say I have to shower!

“Smell your pits!” she demands. I make to put my armpit in her face. “No! You smell your own pits!” I do not acquiesce. With my pit near her face, she declares, “You don’t smell that bad, you don’t have to shower.” I laugh and say ok. “This time, though: Uno Attack.”

“I only like to play Uno Attack with three or more people,” I say.

Mommy doesn’t want to play.

“Mr. Elephant will play!” Lucy is a problem solver.

After dark, I sit at my computer

My music streaming service of choice suggests I listen to MAKTUB. Good idea, I think. It’s the wrong Maktub. It’s a Korean pop act of some sort. I search for and find the correct Maktub. I think of Daniel Spils, who I was fortunate enough to correspond with, then meet in person (along with the rest of the band) when the band came through town, in 2005. It was a memorable occasion. It was a bright spot in a brief but dark period of my life. I did not know even darker times were to come.

I discover Daniel has been making music with his wife. They call themselves The Argument. Their debut record is quite good.

They’re currently doing 1-minute covers. They’re delightful.

It’s so nice when good people make art because art needs to be made, and they do it simply but with excellence in their modest Seattle home.