Interconnected on Improving Browsers

“If I got made king of web browsers, here’s what I’d do”

If I got made king of web browsers, here’s what I’d do

It’s hot and it’s lunchtime, so let’s pretend I’m in charge of major global technical infrastructure!

so much browser effort goes into making things easier for developer, and primarily the developers of crazy high traffic sites. But who cares. Software engineers get paid a fortune, let them sing for their supper. If developer experience matters that much, focus on the long tail of really simply websites instead.

Make Bookmarks and History properly smart (highlight my daily visits, for example)…Embrace the trend of personal wikis, and also hypertext and protocols like Quotebacks.

Embrace hypertext! 🙀

My first thought when I started reading this post was, “Remember when hypertext–as executed via HTML on the World Wide Web–was the amazing, accessible to the mainstream, thing that was going to–and did–revolutionize modern information exchange?” We could view source and copy paste and learn how to markup links and create gloriously ugly pages. (And 20 years later be CTOs!)

danielsjourney, c. 2002. Looks kind of like Notion. 😂

(Going to the Wayback Machine sent me down the longest rabbit hole. I found two pieces of writing that I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years.)

Also from Interconnected: How would I improve RSS? Three ideas. I of course have thoughts about that subject as well. Some of them align with Matt’s. One idea that he doesn’t mention: Does RSS still form the backbone of the entire podcast ecosystem?