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From around the web the last couple of weeks


In which I try to gain perspective on the magnitude of this crisis

My Experience With Self-Isolation Thus Far

I’m writing this one for myself. I feel like I should have some record of this time, and this is still the easiest place for me to write in an organized manner and be able to find it later.

Blogging During the Apocalypse

I want to blog during this time, but it’s hard to know what to write about. I can advise on working from home or dealing with anxiety or grief. But there are a lot of posts out there already about that stuff, and I find the most useful posts on here–for my future self, at least–are just the ones that describe my experiences.

Read Apocalyptic Fiction During the Apocalypse

Diseased hordes! Guns! Swords! Packs of angry abandoned house pets! Overly researched details about horseback riding! Creepy retail outlets! Small towns! Thoughtful commentary about the world we knew! A plot-relevant chicken!

More Denison

Late last night I slumped onto the couch and turned to Lowland Hum and Denison Witmer to minister to my soul